I like him so much,

Finally we are together,

Knowing we will have fun together,

We are the same people just different sex,

He is such a sweetie,

He's my grandma,

I'm his pogo,

He's such a good poem writer,

Nice, sweet, caring, funny, cute,

The list can go on,

We promise to tell each other everything now matter what,

Good or bad we will tell,

I don't want to hurt him the way Charlotte did,

People still think they should be together,

But I sure don't,

They just didn't click,

I'm not saying this because I like him,

I am saying it because it is the truth,

He has got me in the world's best mood,

I am so happy we are together,

I can't sleep at night,

Or have a frown on my face,

Nor get mad,

He is the best thing for me,

And I love him,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you grandma a.k.a. Jon-oh!!! Both your brother and pogo love you!

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You are overusing commas. Not every line needs ending punctuation.