Georgia Girls

Georgia girls,

They thought she was a innocent Southern girl,

Boy were they wrong,

From the North maybe they need to see what real Southern girls are like,

We don't talk slow,

And we aren't how they say in the songs,

We all don't sound Southern,

But we do say y'all,

We are more than most of y'all think,

If we wanted to we could fit in in New York,

No thanks we like it her in the Dirty South,

Why do you think all the rappers live down here,

Georgia girls.

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You think my tractor's sexy.'s picture

I love this poem it kicks it. I love all your poems but this one's especially cool. Hahah. You know who I am lol and this poem shows what us Southern Girls are all about! Yeaaah baby the DIRRRTY south! Haha I love ya gurl keep writing poems!!

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very cute. I happen to be a Georgia girl myself. Although I am rather southern. So some of us wouldn't fit in (hehe), though this poem was good!