Do you care

Do you care,

If I sit here and watch you make fun,

Being so rude and mean,

Not even knowing what you're doing,

Thinking it is just so amusing,

Laughing it off,

Just as it starts to hurt,

You know that you can't take it you can just dish it,

When you start to feel the pain you have caused others,

You just brush it off,

And soon go to find someone else that you love,

Do the same to them that you have done to others,

Watch them sit there and rot away,

You're so brutal,

By now you have got to know it,

People tell you,

Yet you just say no you don't know what you're talking about,

Why am I wasting my time taking this from you,

I can do better I know I can,

Are you a true friend,

How do I know what a true friend is,

You're never there for me when I need you,

The pain you cause me,

I say it makes me stronger all it does is push me right back down,

It hurts knowing I have shared my life with you,

And look what you have done with it,

How inconsiderately rude of you,

Well I hope some day,

Someone teaches you the ultimate lesson that you need to learn,

Do you care.

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Star Fish's picture

Hey Emily,
This poem is amazing.I feel like u were standing in my shoes when u wrote it *lol*...I say that cuz I can relate to ur poem cuz I know a guy who's exactly like the person ur writing's sad to know that people r like that and can actually sleep at night.
Keep up the good work!