Just One Of The Guys

Just one of the guys,

Nothing more,

Just one of the guys,

I wouldn't mind being a whore.

I fit in with them perfectly,

But it doesn't really matter,

I don't strike them unexpectedly,

I'm just like eggs with bacon on a platter.

I'm not even considered a girl to them,

They talk to me about there problems with bitches,

I should just grow a penis and blend in,

Because being a girl isn't getting me any riches.

Feelings come when they just meet me,

But just the same they fade away,

They get to know me and they begin to see,

The guy inside me that wants to come out and play.

Deep down inside is a little girl crying,

Wanting love and someone wanting her to hold,

And inside she is truely dieing,

But on the outside acting like a male being bold.

Unsure of what the future will bring to my door step,

I hold on to my wishes and romantic dreams,

I meet a new guy and I gain a little pep,

My heart is happy and sends out gay beams.

He becomes just my friend like all the others,

No one waits to see how wonderful I can be,

Inside I scream and it really bothers,

I'm pretty much a guy but no one sees the girl in me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i kno im a tom boy n shit like that...n all my closest friendz r guyz or grlz that arent very lady-like...but im 'just one of the guyz'...

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