Satan's Promise

I smell your blood and I smell your fear,

Take a gander over here,

I want your blood all over my hand,

I will take you to the promsie land,

Walk into my knife and don't be shy,

This isn't a game or a lie,

I can give you all you need in hope,

Just give me your neck and give me a rope,

Take your heart and give a good stab,

You will get nothing from just a little jab,

Join me down inside the earth,

The land up here is but little worth,

Just drink the poison and move on,

I promise it won't take too long,

Happiness comes at a fair price,

Just spin the wheel and roll the dice,

You have a great chance of getting what you want,

You just need to track yourself down and hunt,

Pour your blood all over the soil,

In the sun's heat it begins to boil,

Just paint your body and around you red,

I can swear that you will be dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

your fianl deal w/ satan...

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