Slave Of Depression

A look in the past,

I read my words,

It makes me cry,

To see how much I hurt,

It's not that bad,

But it's getting worse,

I don't want to go back there,

God damn it, it hurts!

I'm afraid of my saddness,

I know it will destroy me,

I survived last time,

But this time it will kill me,

How do I know that I will survive,

When my mind is striving to find death?

I promised I would run and not look back,

But I am running in the direction of my past.

Why do I do this to myself?

I can never learn,

How much I went through,

It makes me want to burn!

I can stop this,

I can end this now,

But the only way I can think of,

Is by hurting myself.

And I am running in the direction that should be facing my back,

Satan is laughing at me as I fall in his grasp,

All I can do is bow down to him,

I feel so helpless,

No one cares,

Not even a soul to pretend,

Even though I really want to die,

My heart is telling me to stay alone and cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thiz sux!

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Manny Rivera's picture

Chelle you're not a slave and you're not falling in anyone's grasp except mine cuz i have ur hand... you just feel sad and are blowing out of proportion and sometimes i blow it out of proportion too... but all you need to do is hang out w/ me bec or any of ur friends to realize ur not all that sad... u just dont like certain things about ur past... yea u dont like ur family and yea ur dad is mean and yes u had relationship problems but hey who doesn't if u dont it aint a relationship its just an image...u said it urself yea things go bad but when u focus on the good in ur life things look alot better... just step back and take inventory of ur life and look at wut u got... and realize how great these things r... I love you Michelle...
WIth All My Heart,
Manny Rivera