Die Happy

I'm starting to think,

That I will never die,

With a smile on my face.

Walking around,

Carrying a frown,

My parents' disgrace.

I haven't smiled,

In a long while,

As pain gnaws at my heart.

I can't make him smile,

Because of who I am,

A grain of forgotten dirt.

Suicide images haunt his mind,

My corpse in his head,

Causing him to suffer.

This is my heaven,

Because I'm going to Hell,

And this is as good as it gets.

But why can't I be happy,

As well as him,

To make this heaven worth while,

Dieing will only be good,

Because my life has ended,

So I can finally be happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

y cant i die w/ a smile on my face because i wuz so happi w/ my life?

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Jared Gernigin's picture

I like this one, thats all I can say im not gonna give you alot of shit about why I like it cus I dont know why, it just flows and its got that dark aura that i like very good.... sorry you dont kno who i am