Things eat away at my insides,

Begging me to bleed,

Wanting me to give up,

So they can consume the rest of me,

Suicide entering my mind,

Ignoring the exit,

Positive thoughts leave,

So they won't turn pestimistic,

The negative ones take over,

And tear my brain in half,

My mind is telling me to surrender,

My heart is telling me to last a little longer,

It tells me I will be saved,

It says that he will rescue me,

And I will always be happy,

My brain refuses to believe,

Like it has done so many times,

So my hands don't know what to do,

Because they don't know what's going on inside,

So they just try to take a look,

Just a little glance,

Rip the flesh and bleed away,

Take a look inside,

But I only see the red,thick liquid,

So I drink it up a bit,

Even though the sight remains blurry,

I think I understand.

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Manny Rivera's picture

Sweetheart I kno its hard sometimes it always comes back but if u ever need anything dont be afriad to come to me i kno sometimes is hard but im always there for u... I love you so much... I just want to help