Don't Care

No one gives a fuck about me,

It makes me want to break down and cry,

Or lay down and die,

Tear out my insides,

And bleed heavily onto the floor,

Let my tears run dry,

And my blood too,

And no one will care or shed a tear,

No one will give a fuck if I were dead,

They would shrug there shoulders,

And say "Soon enough,"

But I won't even touch my heart before I die,

And it will be found in my body,

Torn up and scared,

Because you all broke it when you didn't care,

I should just run far away,

Not even think about taking a glance back,

Leave behind my razors and my lighters, too,

Peel away my scars and start all new,

Throw away my heart and get a new one,

Never think about my past and my pains,

Maybe I'll enjoy life a little more,

When I'm actually the reason for someone wanting to live.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hez rite...hez the onli 1 hoo carez...

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