Go Away

Get the fuck away from me!

Is it that unclear that I hate you?

God forbid I don't answer you!

So you decide to threaten me!

Inflict pain on me!

Why is your anger always taken out on me?

I realize you don't give a fuck!

You could walk in and see me in a pile of blood!

Shrug your shoulders and tell someone to grab a mop!

Mop away the fucking existence of me!

I'm just trouble so I deserve the torture you have to offer me!

Why the Hell don't you fucking kill me!

Watch me as I slowly die in front of your face!

You order me to move like a fucking dick!

How the Hell could I sit there and block the tube?

I didn't know that THIS show was on!

To Hell with you!

Flip over to Action News,

'Now reporting live,

A 15 year old girl is on a tall building in Phillie,

She appears to be ready to jump.'

Who gives a fuck?

Flip back over to the X-files!

By the time it gets through your thick skull,

Fuck it, I'm dead!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

fuck u dad...

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