Heaven or Hell

What do you do when the one you love worships God,

The man above,

Ruler of Heaven,

And you worship Lucifer,

The man below,

Ruler of Hell?

Through life you just let it pass by,

Not give it a second thought,

Beliefs are one thing,

Love is another,

And love is the stronger of the two.

Death comes knocking on his door,

Your husband is deceased,

Dead in the bedroom,

Died of old age,

And went to the land above.

Soon your time is up,

She comes knocking once more,

You died alone,

And you can't see your love,

Not since his funeral,

Only in his casket,

Because you get damned to Hell.

When you were alive,

You made a swear,

And you want to keep it true,

You said you would go through Hell for him,

Even if that meant to go above,

Trust in God,

And not go to the place you wanted to go.

You think to yourself,

Which Hell is worse,

The Hell above with God,

The man who forgotten you,

But to be with your love for eternity,

Or to be with Satan,

The Lord you trust,

And never see your love again?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmm....tough decision...

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The poem made me think about feelings and things of the sort... You say tough decision... I say don't change... The man you love... should accept you for who you are... Things are hard sometimes and maybe you should have a serious discussion with him if it makes you think this much... not an arguement and make sure you both listen to each other not say something and than not pay attention...remember he will always love you but he doesnt wanna miss you cuz it kills him when he doesnt see you for one day imagine an eternity... and I think he realli wants to talk to u 2