Deathly Hug

I mourn the loss of your love for me,

As you watch me tear,

You beg me not to slit my throat,

But I can't live without you.

I wish not to hurt you,

So I wish not to see the pain I put on you,

As I kill myself.

I take one last look at you,

I cherish the moment deeply,

Then I take the blade to my eyes,

And slit them each twice.

I no longer see the pain in your face,

I no longer see the pain in your eyes,

I no longer see the pain in your tears,

For I have given up my sight.

I would rather cry tears of blood,

Then to see the tears I brought to your soul,

But your cries I still hear.

So I slit my throat,

Slit it quick,

As my screams of pain override your tears.

I know this is the time to die,

And I know I am with you,

So I can die feeling sort of glad,

Because I love you.

Suddenly I feel something,

It wraps around me tightly,

It is your arms holding me,

Sharing with me my last bit of life.

I hear your whimpered words through your tears,

They beg me not to go,

But I know I have lossed you,

So I must leave for good.

I slowly fade into death,

But you still hold on tightly,

Even though I have given up,

You havent given up on me,

And this honestly means much to me,

But I would much rather be free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummmm...i think u understand

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That is such a good poem! I loved it.