Your Broken Heart

You sit there crying,

I come over and comfort you,

You know I care for you,

Your feelings are important,

And so is your only heart.

So when she stabbed it,

And your blood trickled down,

I cleaned you up,

I mended the wound,

I loved that broken heart.

Your shattered heart made us closer,

Closer then I ever thought to be.

When you needed me,

I was there with open ears,

It hurt me to see your sorrow,

So when you were sad,

I shared your pain,

So you didn't feel alone.

Then you made me happy,

And you pretended you were too,

Only to make me cry in the end,

You watch me bleed and suffer.

You drop me like an ugly rat,

You take me for a fool.

Now I'm the one with the broken heart,

And you're not there for me,

You watch me crawl closer to death,

You pretend to care for me.

The friendship we once had,

That's gone for good,

It never wishes to return.

You deceived me,

You traitor!

Why did I ever trust you?

You screwed me over,

You were sick,

I nursed you back,

And now I have your illness,

The Broken Heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i helped him thru hiz heartbreakz...n now hez the cause of mine

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