Red Death River

The music is starting to fail,

It no longer helps you cry,

Cry out your anger,

Cry out your pain,

Cry out your sadness,

It all builds up,

It moves to your hand,

Only one more way to set it free,

Bleed out your problems,

Razor to the vien,

See the blood go,

Steady flow.

It feels so good for some odd reason,

You keep it up,

Keep it going,

The red river never stops flowing,

Even though the river doesn't stop,

Your life soon will.

But it feels so good,

You keep on going,

Bleeding all your troubles away,

Little do you know how much you suffer,

You're slowly dieing,

Let's make it go faster,

Trip to the grave,

Admission price,

Your life,

You feel it's worth it,

So the blood still flows,

Viens are bursting,

Wounds so deep,

But not as deep as emotional scars,

Those fragile scars,

They keep popping open,

Only more pain to go through,

The never ending pain,

Like what feels like never ending life,

But you're dieing now,

Becoming weaker,

You keep the river flowing,

It looks so beautiful,

But now you're getting dizzy,

Now you're getting faint,

The fun's all over,

This is your fate.

What is your last sight?

The endless red river,

The river of death,

You made that river,

With your bare hands,

Now it's all over,

You wonder why.

Here, let me explain it to you,

You wanted to die,

All you needed was a cry,

But you needed some help,

But the music started to fail,

It no longer helps you cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i need 2 cry 2 keep myself from goin suicidal....i need help sumtimez 2 cry...lately...the music haznt helped me cry....

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don even know there is a way to describe our entires like this...!
it's amazing
great one sense
go ahead