Let Me Die

You won't let me die,

You'd much rather watch me suffer,

You love to watch people hurt me,

It doesn't matter who it is,

As long as it's not me.

You stare as they stab my back,

Just watch the blood drip down,

The blood is nothing compared to my tears,

But still you make me continue,

Continue to suffer.

Some man comes along,

The suffering decreases,

But that is just an illusion,

He rips my heart out of my chest,

See the viens hang loosely,

See them splatter blood down my breast,

See me suffer more.

The whole world hates me,

Just let me go,

Some bitch shot me,

I watched myself bleed,

You were watching too,

I thought I would finally die,

But this is of course not true,

Let's have you live,

And suffer much longer.

I just want to end it all,

Painless and quick,

Bullet to the brain,

And for the last time,

You can watch me bleed,

Watch my brains spread all over,

But of course it's not the same,

For when I died,

I did not suffer,

That's not how you played the game.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pplz tell me not 2 kill myself...cuz they want 2 watch me suffer until the day they die....

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Beautifully written.