Let's All Kill Ourselves

Life is just a terrible waste of time,

The pains override the happiness.

Happiness is just an illusion,

An illusion we all chase after,

But we never find true happiness,

We don't even come close.

We think it's in our grasp,

We think we can hold on to it,

But what we are grasping is fake,

It's just our minds playing tricks on us,

It's just another reason why we should die.

Let's all kill ourselves.

Life is giving to us as a gift,

And it does not come cheaply,

There is no such thing as free,

Because we all end up paying in the end.

We end up paying with blood,

We try to take in happy things,

But then depression comes our way.

We suffer with disease,

We lose our friends,

We end up losing our lives in the end.

So we are just trying to protect life,

But it's going to be taken away,

So we spend years trying to keep,

What we are all afraid to lose.

So let's all face our fears,

Let's all kill ourselves.

Suicide isn't bad,

It isn't bad at all,

You may call us weak,

Say that we are wimps,

But you are all too fucking scared,

You would never hold that knife to your throat!

So we are looking death straight in the eye,

Saying to its face 'I want to die',

Showing that we are done protecting what's not there,

Showing that we don't have fear for death.

And death will come of no surprise,

Watching Lady Death walking over to take your soul,

You will be expecting her,

Admitting that you're dead,

Showing no fear for her,

Letting her icey hands touch your face.

Is this that bad?

I think not,

Let's all kill ourselves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i think that every1z death should b caused by suicide...go ahead...call me nutz...i alreadi no i m

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Tanya Thornton's picture

I am not going to call you nuts by far. I think you have an inner pain you won't talk about. I think you should not only write your words, but analyze them as well.