How I love you

These words will never be enough
To begin to describe this feeling,
As your hand caresses my cheek,
As your lips so softly, tentatively, press against mine.
The sparkle in your eyes when i say "I love you,"
I know in my heart you are the one,
The only one meant for me,
Complete loev cliches come to mind,
But still arent enough to describe what i say
And what you already know,
I am yours forever,
And as many times as I tell you I love you,
It will never be enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for the love of my life. these words, as my love does, will go on forever
I love you

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Awws! That's adorable! I hope

Awws! That's adorable! I hope you two stay together for a long time!!


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<3 nice poem ms. wilson!!!

like the Energizer bunny mine love for u will also never stop!!!

u are mine forever!!!

tee hee....energizer bunny....

<3 * 2

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