Alas, it so seems,
i cannot keep
from breaking hearts,
I have reaped what I have sown,
It is not fair,
That i cannot share
These precious hearts,
I cannot sleep,
For I think of thos who weep,
Thier own hearts they should keep,
Truth be told,
I am unable to hold,
This Fragile heart
In my hand
Without breaking it apart,
Into a million pieces

Author's Notes/Comments: 

how sadly true it is.....i cannot change what ive done. i would do anything to take it back, and heal those hearts i know i have broken. i would if i could.. but it is too late.

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This is a truly good poem; I

This is a truly good poem; I know the point of how you feel, although my experiences may be different, I know what it is like to break the hearts of those you love, but what is always important is that no matter what they love you and you love them, a true friend is the one who no matter what sticks with you despite the things that you do. Remember your mind may guide you but your heart is who you are, follow it. I truly like this poem.

Airplanes arent wishes, no matter how hard you wish...