Once upon a time

I was not so empty

The universe was mine

What an absurdity


I was full of a delusion

of where the stars sung

and to my confusion

beings lived out among


It seemed like i could travel

outside of the linear now

at everything i would marvel

past, future take a bow


Beings of unknown count

flocked to my fire

a burning idol tantamount

to having the most power


All sorts came to visit

some good, some very bad

My mind was a place to cohabit

and it drove me quite mad


I could not stand the very idea

oblivion would never come

that an afterlife of all this trivia

continues after we are done.  

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Pretty much we just keep going right from where we left off. Everything the same only different...slightly off.

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No thought, not solidity - Heaven or the here after. The last verse was perfectly sculpted. Good cadence could stand as a solo poem. - S