In Another World

Where do our dreams go when we let go of the string,
Do they infinitely rise or combust beneath our feet
I guess I'll never know,
Until here and now becomes once long ago
When strangers you've passed a thousand times,
Become the pawns in the street.

Do you remember all the songs,
That once sang your mind to sleep
Have they lost their meaning,
Since the dark found a way into your dreams,
and your thoughts turned into creeps.

Life has come and gone so fast,
Torn between moving on
Or holding onto the past,
I guess you'll keep walking forward
While your feet...
Your feet move two steps back...

Now you're lying upside down,
Your ceiling like a galaxy
Draining out your head,
Or I guess whatever's left
While another day tries to drag you away,
And it seems it finally has
But when they look into your eyes,
You're in another world instead.

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took me away this one did

took me away this one did ....awesome write here <3