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Hobbies: are a far cry away from what I use to enjoy.. right now haven't come across anything that I enjoy except writing down my thoughts. A person who has made a mistake and admits it, can be forgiven but when a person keeps making a mistake needs a kick in the head. Often enough they will go to the ends of the earth for love no matter the consequences that prevails, If this is one of our lessons in life we have to learn, experience, and make me a better person, then God I am humble for what I have learnt even thou my soul is starting to crumble, my heart has been wounded far too often and far too long, and my body is now an aftermath of total destruction I thank you for those trials and tribulations. Help me Almighty to see with my eyes wide open so that I am able to brace myself from further impact, spread your arms wide so that I may find comfort, and speak to me in a language that I may understand the pain and suffering that others have inflicted upon me... give me faith to TRUST once again.

Not sure how people may take my writing but its words I can relate to in the same fashion that I find myself in that particular situations. If we deny what we feel, and portray life in away that we have to hide from how we feel, then how can we express our true emotions to experience the the worse and the best out of our lives? There will always be someone out there who will try and destroy every stitch of fabric that 2 people share, they create their own fabricated life into something they only can wish for, these are the kind of people who will stop at nothing, give them credit for such people have nothing better in their life to be proud of - they are "the undesirable souls"that roams the earth, Lucifer's little helpers a.k.a Scum's of the earth that will never prosper. Good riddance to them. St Peter has their name checked off the Golden Book.

The craziest thing I ever done: Would have to be my tattoo - which I got that done over a year ago, an Egyptian eye with a tear, with my hubby's name. The pain of that needle was excruciating, one I will never forget but have no regrets thanks to my nephew with his artistic ability I finally got my first ever Tattoo. Love it heapz (still)

Note: Be the best person you can be and be proud of who you are. The best in life will eventually find its way to you. The purest in heart

About My Navel

inner.. LOL a poem hmmmm

Navel oh Navel where art thou
For I have a inner it doesnt stick out
Navel oh Navel
I know your there,
but i want to see you
but you disappeared
Navel Navel ..
way deep inside
come on out
you cant hide

Yep I have an inner, and the suckiest thing about it is that I cant get a belly piercing LOL

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“How can you believe in the word ‘BELIEVE’ when there’s a lie in the center?
When there’s an END of every FRIEND?
When there’s an OVER in every LOVER?”


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