Ceased to Exist

Wandering in my monochromatic mind
Unsure as to what was I, unsure as to what I'd find
With shade so vast charcoal defined every line
Playing the same haunting sound, stop, skip, rewind

Slowly disintegrating as the affliction unfurled
Now forever entangled in my imagined world
All the watching eyes morphing into phantom-like swirls
Disfigured limbs reaching around my brain, monstrous claws curled

No longer able to distinguish the difference
Between my own shadow and my skin, a hug and a fist
Encompassing lack of color, confound though dismissed
I accepted my solitude, I seemingly ceased to exist

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Chadical's picture

Dig it.

Finger snaps and all that jazz.

"Where do you go when nowhere feels like home?"-FBMF

burkej1h's picture

chocolate candles

and cocoa powder are so lovely --- i think about them when i read this