For My Friends..

For all my friends..near and you all..that’s my call..
The New Year..almost here..wishing you..good luck and cheer..
For your friendship..I’m thankful too..we need each other..we truly do..
Without your smile..being keep me lifted..high, you do..
Without love..without is nothing..this so true..

I wish you all..the best you the new year..beyond, believe..
Life so precious..we all know..take the give and show..
Just a little..or a your best..there's no cost..
It's your smile..or just a grin..make someone a friend..
Love and my way..loving you..I will stay..

At the end..the year has pasted..for all the all cast..
Many blessings..we receive..I’m so grateful..and so free..
Peace, I send..from my all of you..I love to do..
To have and hold..all next year..knowing you..I have no fear..
Many friendships..come and go..but with you..tight I hold..

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For my friends

Hi David, nice poem. Happy New Year to you too.
May your new year be filled with happiness and prosperity.
May all your hopes and dreams come true in the future.
May you find your hearts delight on some warm balmy night.