Lets Hang Together

Lets hang together..hold on tight..keeping life..in our site..
With each other..hand in hand..it makes us stronger..women and men..
Help each other..along the way..let’s keep bonding..day to day..
Show that smile..let them see..in this life..how, it should be..
Stand together..lend a hand..just reach out..like you can..
Lead the way..like you should..show the others..it's all good..
Life is tough..it's just that way..be who you are..it's all OK..
Just keep going..do like you do..be that one..that follows through..
Loving, caring..aways sharing..be that way..have a great day..

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lets hang together

Is a great poem with a lot of good advice. If more people would hang together this would be
a much happier life. Too much fighting and arguments going on to suit me. keep up
the nice work.