February Love

Kickin Off February, with a smile, always love, across the miles..
The month of love, just because, Valentine’s day, comes our way..
Keep it together, all is fine, make it sweet, all the time..
Bring some happiness, it’s the way, to show and give love, everyday..

Have some fun, be the one, make it happen, get it done..
Hold on tight, it’s alright, this is life, take a bite..
Make someone smile, like you do, carry on, follow through..
February, can be cold, heat it up, bold and go..

Soul to soul, let it go, February, this we know..
Just keep going, like you do, make a plan, break on through..
Make it good, like you should, be that one, get it done..
Like you can, women or man, make some love, from above..

DM  copyrights  2-2-2015

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February Love.



This poem is so full of energy and humour I enjoyed reading it. A great write Workm's




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Thank you, a.griffiths57, for your kind comment.. It's appreciated.. Yes, high energy, we keep going, with some humour, this is knowing.. Keep it fun, then some, a great write, is so nice.. Peace and love to you..