My Final Goodbye


Here I lay,

covered in scrars.

I tried to run,

but couldn't make it far.

I once was pure,

now riddled with stains.

I try to endure,

and forget all this pain.

I ask The Lord

to give me a sign.

That life is worth living,

that it isn't my time.

I waited and waited,

but no sign was given.

I desperately hope

my final sin is forgiven.

They tell me there's hope,

they tell me hold on,

By I know the truth is

that I'm already gone.

Some may think

that the devil has won.

Yet for once I feel hope,

as I'm loading this gun.

My final words not spoken,

only written in pen.

"Just know that your son

is happy again"

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Beauty in the writing of pain

This poem is the first that I had read on this website. I was so moved by it, that I signed up right away. Poets like you are soulful and there is meaning behind every line and stanza. I was so supprised at the talent of this poem that no poem I have read after this one even compares to this work of art.

Find yourself~

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this is such a powerful

this is such a powerful piece. the demons will take hold of vulnerability and you have to own yourself. being strong means not needing anyone but it doesnt mean shutting them out. what a complicated mess it all is. I choose to live. pain is my friend and it helps me grow as long as I dont let it shape me and I pour it out in the designs I make. I hope people reading this do not get the idea that sucide is the answer. healing is possible. hugss.

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