How I feel

My thoughts are scattered

Inner dialogue is constant chatter

One day iā€™m at the peak of the mountain and the next, down in the valley

I try climbing out, but these trials take it out of me

No energy to resume, things go good but turn to doom and gloom

Reaching out through prayer and moral inventories

Getting connected to get disconnected has been my story

Waiting for a miracle, but i'm left feeling hysterical

Rapidly switching from confidence to fear

And every emotion in between

I wish I was normal and didn't have to go through this suffering

It's all self made, but I swear it gets worse everyday

Maybe it's temporary and this too shall pass

Maybe it wont and im stuck in the sand at the bottom of the hour glass

Smothered by depression and self pity

Feeling feelings of insecurity that won't leave me

Tomorrows a new day, so for now i'll weather the storm


With hopes of normalcy being restored

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Dig deep within yourself Fear

Dig deep within yourself

Fear will slowly resolve itself

Have faith that what you bare

Show poeple how you care

Thank you for your thoughts