A Sumation of free will

Have you ever asked the question if god is all knowing

why did he create satan,why did he give us free will

he knew in advance what would happen, it sounds tough!

but it`s really simple if you think about it

God has a house,a beautyful house filled with priceless items

he is verry rich,he wants you to move in his house,

he wants to take care of you,he wants to feed and clothe you

free of charge,he wants to be your heavenly father,he wants to show you unbound love.. he has one demand and one only

he wants you to be a good person,how does he know this if

he does`nt tempt you so he created satan,satan stabbed god

in the back,god knew this and he knew satan was talking to

other angles so god kicked satan out of heaven,he took a third

of the angles with him.  now god gives man satans job to tend

the earth satan is jealous he trys to get even,he hates man,

he comes to you and tempts you with lies,greed,and immorality

god says be meek,allthings are yours..satan says come and

take it now..god says be patient...satan says take what you want who cares about others...god says pray for your neighbor..

satan says screw your neighbor...god says store up in his store house,we live in hard and bad times we live in satans

domain,he says live for today there is no tomorrow..god says

the promice of tomorrow is yours if you follow me...

don`t be confused with preachers that preach give and get

pray for disease and be healed tomorrow satans deceit.

god gave you free will to choose and gave you satan to show

you the other side si do you want peace or war,do you want

love or hate good relationships with all people ,thereare no barriers in heaven so don`t have any here a wise man can see

satans teachings and see where it ends  the bible says

it tastes sweet but bitter in the stomach the bible is

simple it`s not all codes and parables he wrote so all

could read  ...you met a man last week he is rich you asked

him to marry you,was it love or greed?  you met a boy last week

he wants to have sex you want to wait ,he does`nt, is it love,

or is it sex you go through hard times god wants you to call

on him for guidiance and help you want to do it yourself

do you really trust him...

pope ron the first

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Hey Ron, tried to email ya but just incase ya didn't get it...this one inspired a Freewill poem by me, just look for my new poetry and find freewill and I mention you in my authors comments inspiration....really made me think and respond...thanks and keep the poetry coming and please send me links like this to ones I might have missed and I will read eventually asap...thanks, Pam