Today lord,you died for my sins

so i may have a chance to live again

Three days in the tomb did you spend

but on the third day you rose again

There is no words that i can say

for the love you have shown for me today

But lord your work will just begin

you must save us all from sin

The whole world you must save

thats why you rose from the grave

Oh lord what a task at hand

you must save every man...

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fighter4life's picture

Excellent poem about the meaning of Easter. I like it a lot.

pamschwetz's picture

Nice Easter poem, Ron...hope you had a nice Easter....please check out my newest one I'm A-mazed written at lunchtime at work today...and anything else not commented on yet that you care to check out...appreciate it...enjoy your poetry...look forward to eventually checking it all out....keep up the great work...Pam