At night i am free

By day

in a wheel chair

but at night i am free

At night as i lay sleeping

my soul is free,i can see myself

running and playing.

I see my self playing ball

as i come up to bat the crowd roars

and i can`t feel the pain anymore.

I swing my bat and i hit the ball

i watch as it clears the fence

the crowd is on there feet cheering for me.

As i run the bases they slap my hand

i feel no pain,but the morning lite comes

and i realize it was just a dream,an escape

from reality,an adventure for me.

You see i am crippled,only at night

am i free...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for the thousands
of children sitting
somewhere in a wheel chair,god bless you all

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Cascade's picture

such poetic empathy, sir.Very

such poetic empathy, sir.Very heartfelt Smile

word_man's picture

thank you for the visit,

thank you for the visit,

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

wow is all I can say this is amazing.You can feel your heart tugged picturing all the kids in the chairs longing to be on the field. My ode to you is very fitting because you show such great emotion in everything you write. Here you are inside these kids heads longing and wanting to be able to be in the game and at least in dreams they can be.MORE MORE MORE of this RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!