The Great Lie

Today i got the news,

the doctor said it was bad!

but there was nohing he could do.

Years of cigarette smoking has taken it`s toll

emphysema a nasty disease it will take whom ever it will



Thousands of people die every year while the f.d.a

turns a deaf ear it finially got so bad the news had to break

but for thousand it was to late.

Fighting for breath,trying to stay alive while the cigartte

companies make millions with the government a their side

the states stepped in and filed their suits so the cigarette

companies can pay small monthly amounts so they can still send

out their recruitts.

Cigarette price has gone sky high so the rest of us

cigarette smokers canmake up the difference of those

that died and the billions they pay from the suits us

smokers pay it so they dont lose any loot.

The state says its for medical care to pay for the

diseases the cigarette smoking caused and to keep

their employees from losing their jobs so they can

make more cigaretes and deceive more recruits

So the amount of money in takes and it takes

a lot of money to grease the hands of our government

in which it stands,

And when you get sick and go to your local hospital

just tell them the state will pay the bill cause

thats what the suits was all about and watch them

kick your ass out.

You see those fine homes and porshes dont come cheap

and you know the hospitials and doctors has a image to keep

but the cigarette companies paid the states to kill you

at their will and when you die the states will take everything

you got to pay your bill...

heres how it works  people was dying in droves from cigarette

smoke that the government said it was alright then the lawyes

got involved and tried to sue,but the government allowed the

cigarette companies to pro long the suits and run the lawyers

out of money,it was an outcry so the government allowed the states to sue -they won billions of dollars it was supposed to help people with no ins and help ins companies on there claims

so the government allowed them to stay in business because they

made so much money and hired so many employes-so the state got the suits instead of the people whom the cigarettes killed

they paid billions to the states whom was supposed to pay

medical bills for the affected-the price of cigarettes has

trippled to cover the cost of the suits and the loss of smokers

so the people smoking today is paying three times more to pay

off the states-so in reality the smokers today is paying back

the bilions of dollars that was paid supposedly to those who

cigarettes killed  go figure


ou their recruits

but for thousnds i was to late

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Ron do you have emphysema? That's what it sounds like from this piece. I too am a smoker. *itch of habit to try to kick tried several times. Informative piece but just curious if you are speaking of yourself