It`s fun for a while,

and it`s a thrill

but one day,you must pay the bill!

How do you replace three kids and a wife

how do you replace ten years of your life.

Only yesterday your oldest was three

now he`s to big to sit on your knee

Drugs, oh yes i`ve done my share

skipped through life without a care

lost my family,lost my life with

ten years of sorrow and strife.

Pawned everything i ever had

but while i was high i was never sad

but one day i awoke and i had to pay the bill

drugs was no longer a thrill.

Lost my kids,lost my wife

lost ten years of my life.but by his grace

i will start again,and i know my addiction

will never end,but i will fight until the end

And maybe one day i can explain

to my kids and my wife,and maybe i can

start a new life ten years i can never replace

But i can start again by his grace...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have never done drugs
but i think this poem
will touch some one

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yellowspecks's picture

Nice job on this one. I think even though you did not experience this yourself you still did a very good job describing what its like. I know because ive been there. But 4 years Clean and Happier that way! Thanks for trying to warn and help people! ~RAe

sue mceachern's picture

very powerful piece. and to the point . u have great imagination that is so true

Crystal Hecklinger's picture

Awsome. having friends like i do doing this is sad, when they get paid they go and throw it out on weed or anything else, its sad what the world is coming to, but you wrote this piece with so much truth and eye open lines..great work

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

powerful honest piece and touches me. I too did my day in the sun with pot back in college days.Fortunately it never got out of hand to lose a family. Yeah I remember keg parties in the field with a joint andyeah was fun for a while but like anything you wise up with time and age.I like the honesty in this!

Lindsey Rose's picture

of all honesty what does it take to relize you had all so much to lose? and how or just how do you stop....hwo did you do it? is it true what ppl say about drugs and wanting to stop you can only stop when ur ready or when truely want it what if you or a loved end up dead before someone can make the choice how did you stop???
i enjoyed all of work very creative i will leave you be now i comend you and quiting i think you have a great heart and thought and you can ryme for that matter :)