An ode to old bin lauden

Oh bin lauden

You son of a b?tch,

Where do you  sleep tonight

in what ditch?

You`ve become a cave dweller

and you have adapted so well,

but it won`t be long old bin

and we will blow you to hell

Where you will be greeted,

with open arms, from your brother satan

your brother in arms.

But old satan ,

he wont share his thrown

so i guess your ass, will just be gone

But look at the bright side

you`ll still be at i

a cave with satan where you can alway`s roam...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A great 4 th of july poem

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honey811's picture

I agreee

Crystal Hecklinger's picture

I didnt see this one, hehe, i love it, its different from the others, i feel so much from this poem....LOVE IT~