Valley of Megiddo

In the valley of megiddo

over looking jezerell ,where we

will take our last stand before we enter the

promised land.

A battle ground for thousands of years

many have died ,many has shed tears.

For thousands of years this has been a

valley of blood, but our final battle

will be under took

Many will die on this day

their flesh will melt away

their bones will turn to stone

their eyes and tongues will fall from

their face

Seven months to bury the dead

seven years to cleanse the land

wild animals will eat the flesh from the bones

So when satan battles against our lord,

they will die in shame and disgrace, for our lord

is second to none, so put on your shield pick up your sword

take your place behind our lord.

For it is foretold the blood will rise to the horses

briddle but when it`s all said and done a beautyful

transformation will already have begun

Megiddo an un holy land

but our final battle before the

promised land...


and may the lord be with us all

during our rise or during our fall

but prophecy has made it`s call

the battle of megido will end it all

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I Wish

I believed in the Jewish mythologist's vision. "It" with blood to the bridle, prophesy as belief - metaphors for how to survive hardships. The ancients really had a grasp for science fiction. Up or down, we aim for middle ground and security. The insecure fail, believers surmount all obstacles and have the faith to persevere and triumph. Any other interpretation is sheep shears intended to fleece the sheep. Divine intervention does not exist and never has. We are writers. Writing it down does not make it true. Claiming inspiration, does not make it true either. People believe the miracles and the Jewish histories and think, this is faith, this is belief - it begins inside the mind where the life principle is able to interprete existence (as poorly as humans do that indictes understadting is not going to every happen for them). There is a point where you take all the morality lessons, the indicators of how to live righteously and ascend spiritually from that point, no get bogged down in believing the unbelievable. There is something greater than ourselves, but it does not have wings and it does not visit Earth exclusively because humans were "maded here". 2000 or 100,000 years ago, no matter, the writers were masters and we make of their words what we will. I am closer to death now and dellusion is not going to help me through that particular "gate". Knowing that I did the best I could with what I had to work with is my ticket to whatever glory awaits me. And, like I said, no streets of gold, no thrones, no "men" upon them, and no wings. they never should have allowed the concept of metaphor loose in the world. - slc



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that`s all any of us can

that`s all any of us can do,the best we can with what we have

the bible along with mans d n a has been tampered with foe enons,

time will tell