Nothing To Offer

Everything that i hate in people

i can see in myself

I never really knew how i felt

about things i never really confronted

my self with it.

But as i grow older and wiser i perseive

that i can not lie to my self any longer

my heart is cold,i am full of hate and i

really don`t know why!

I don`t know why i`m here

i serve no real purpose in life

i`m no great schollar,i have nothing

to offer.i have a pre conception on

how things should be.

But this misconception only shows stupidity.

ignorance and violence seem`s to run hand in hand

violence is the only release for an ignorant man.

It takes the place of inttigrety and diplomacy

a true under standing of ones feelings,and the

more i look at this the more i can see my self...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

a very heavey piece Ron but I like it.Makes one think profound thoughts!