Merry Christmas

I can see streaks of orange

laying against a beautyful pastell blue sky.

The grass and trees waiting for the rain

sent from on high

Birds busy finding a nest, nature at work at it`s best

rain turning to sleet,and then to snow ,grass covered

with a blanket of white,the sky a glow.

The hustle and bussell of people getting ready

for the snow putting on snow chains going to

the store,trying to get prepared before the storm.

Children and grown up`s digging out the sleds

building fires in barrells to warm their hands

sliding down the meadows and hills in the snow

with their faces all a glow.

The sounds of laughter all around as

the snow continues to cover the ground

so merry christmas,and a happy new year

tomorrow these will be memories for

you to hold dear...

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