River Of Time

The river of time

flowing gently through my mind

taking me back to a gentlier time

when you were mine.

I can still see the warm summer breeze

blowing gently through your hair

you and i together laughing,talking

without a care.

Making love in a warm summer breeze

blanketed by the shade of a big oak tree

the smell of wild flowers in the air

just you and me together without a care.

But then the river got rough and our love

was washed away,but i still sit on the bank

of the river thinking of you today.

Does that river ever flow through your mind

do you think of me from time to time

do i ever flow through your mind...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I like the image of the flowing river not only as river but river of the mind, a gentle caress to memory of past to make one smile a moment and reflect. This is a great one!But then Im a hopeless romantic myself!