Good Byes Make Me Cry



The sky is as black,

as my heart is gray,

the magic is gone,

there`s nothing more to say.


A few years,,

not very long,

but enough memories,

to make me feel alone.


A walk in the woods,hand in hand,

feeling the soft touch of her hand,

the tenderness of her sweet kiss,

i will alway`s reminess .


And you,

i will truly miss...


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Really feeling this. A

Really feeling this. A beautifully honest and lyrical description of how it feels to look back on what once was. Lovely work. 

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Oh my the song “ when will I

Oh my the song “ when will I see you again”

was awesome! Of course your sad words

were touching too!


” The Magic is Gone” hit a chord 

we all know it too well 

When there’s no love left 

The soul feels like hell 


The clouds of gloom appear

and the heart begin sigh

Soon it will begin to hear

the painful words Goodbye



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lol,we just did a duet

lol,we just did a duet dove,thank`s

Dove's picture


you're welcome