Autumn Leaves

As the autumn

winds begin to blow

falling leaves

of red,yellow and gold

They fall

on the ground below

a cascade of colors

of red and gold

Squirells playing

in all the trees

as the autumn winds

start to blow

Bringing memories

of you and me

as we watch the leaves

falling from the trees

Squirells building their nest

getting ready for the winter snow

gathering the leaves

from the ground below...

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Autumn is my favorite time of

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I like all the seasons, but I love Autumn. I think of memories like a harvest and Autumn is the harvest season. I like how you wove them together like that. It's a pretty little poem, poet Smile thank you for sharing it with us.

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i love autumn to,thank you

i love autumn to,thank you for the visit

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Ezcellent evocation.  Autumn

Ezcellent evocation.  Autumn has always been a time of intense memories for me, since my Senior year in high school.  Go figure.  I have never understood why, and by this time of my life I do not care.  Your poem is very good, and very moving.



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don`t know how i missed your

don`t know how i missed your review,i thank you,we have memories in our lives that pertain to the season.some have a lot of winter memories,some summer,but autumn i think is the best ones

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There is a mystic meaning to

There is a mystic meaning to autumn which is experienced, but i cannot put it into words.



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sure you can,just close your

sure you can,just close your eyes and picture your self there

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I Bet Autumn Leaves In Tennessee Are Something


Alone or shared, both experiences are memorable and mellow.What kind of trees do you have there? We are maple, white birch, elder, chestnut,  oak, and pine people in Michigan
















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lots of pine,several

lots of pine,several flavors,,oak,maple,dogwood for the most part

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good read

good read friend



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thank you my friend

thank you my friend