Who Let The DOgs Out




got real cold last night

so i let the dog in,went to bed

fell to sleep,well about 3 am i feel

something hunching on me

half asleep and half awake

i roll over and i feel a tongue on my face

and licking me and hunching on me,

well i thougt it was my wife

 i turned over on my back and

i feel her tongue licking all over my face

hell shes hot tonight,my eyes still closed

i start licking her back 

well i had to much to drink last night

thought i was just dreaming and went back to sleep

next morning i wake up,my wife said that damn dog

had puppies in our bedroom floor last night

lol,i remembered the dream i had

looked down on the floor at the pups,

hell still kinda drunk i think they look like me

how in the world could it happen so fast i thought

well i start counting

and i counted 6 puppies,

how in the hell can i afford

child support on six...

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That Was Funny

puppy support, I HOWLED!



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how loud ?

how loud ?

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Lol! Thats dawg wordman ;) 

Lol! Thats dawg wordman ;) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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yeap,it was kinda nasty

yeap,it was kinda nasty wasn`t it !

this damn video keeps popping up,can`t fix it