a can of whoop ass


A Story by wordman




Come home from work,
tracked in some grass,
yeah ,
she jumped on my ass

Went in the bathroom,
a place to hide,
i prayed and prayed
then i cried

came out of the bath
mean and strong
coal kocked that bitch
but i soon learned that was wrong

she beat my ass
she run me off
went to the bar
got a reds apple ale
poured down three
before i went to jail

met two bullies in the cell
smacked one in the mouth
kicked the other in his balls
needless to say
i`m wearing orange over halls

Finally, got out on bail,
don`t never want to go back to that jail
moral of this story should  be clear,
be careful when drinking beer

don`t come home
and coal kock her ass
don`t drink no ale
don`t track in no grass...

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I can still smell what the

I can still smell what the Rock is cooking.  Nice work.

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thank you for the visit

thank you for the visit

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And It All Started

over a plant tracked into the house. Oh man! - slc



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lol,you know this aint

lol,you know this aint true,,thank you stella

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Ha ha ha ha ha hilarious!

Ha ha ha ha ha hilarious! Know what she means bout tracking that grass but is pose that's what you get for tracking that ass! ;) I saw the humor and the message nice juxtaposition cheers 

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i heard the song and i just

i heard the song and i just couldn`t resist,

thank you for the visit