U F O and the Redneck


Last nite driving home from a party

I seen a strange lite in the sky 

at  first i thought it was a plane.

But then it landed in front of my car

it looked like a three story motel

with a rotating bar.

I slammed on the brakes and stopped the car

and i jumped out to run,hell before i could

make it to that bar a green thing grabbed me

and throw ed me back in the car.

Well hell i did`nt know what to do,  so i reached

into the cooler and pulled out a brew, well he

must have liked it, after he drank a 12 pack he 

ate the can`s.

Well he opened the cooler looking for more brew

i was out, i did`nt know what to do, so i reached

under the seat and pulled out that bag of weed

i figured a pound would be all we would need.

we fired up a joint and listened to the

Marshall tucker band, after four joints he fell

out of the car then he stumbled toward that

rotating bar.

Well before he left he stole the rest of my weed

hell he figured that's all they would need.

He fired up that ship and headed toward the sky

he did`nt offer to pay for the weed,hell, he did`nt

even tell me goodbye ...

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Well looks like you're a Party Animal!

unfortunately the Weed seeking ET’s

had thier radar on! 


Too bad the female ETs will never see

your 6 pack abs, nor the 12 pack

of beer! 


Guess they left “up in Smoke”



word_man's picture

they loved them ab`s  thank

they loved them ab`s  thank you for the visit

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lol that made me laugh.  

lol that made me laugh.  

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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thank you for the

thank you for the visit,appreciate it

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shaking my head at you....

shaking my head at you.... You should have laced the weed and stole the spaceship while he was out cold. hahaha

word_man's picture

great idea,lol,i don`t know

great idea,lol,i don`t know if i could fly it or not

thank you for the visit,,no reply needed,it got deleted and i just re done it

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I Laughed

Who keeps a pound of stuff under their seat - yeah, that part. :D



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only a red neck,maybe it was

only a red neck,maybe it was an ounce,thank you for the visit