when doves cry [tribute to prince


Paint me a rainbow
up in my sky
down in my soul
where the doves cry

purple rain
little red corvette
words in a song
we never forget

a legend
in your own time
with your verses
and your rhyme

you wanted 
to be elvis
and the beatles too
your wants now ring true

a rainbow 
above your home
was it there
to lead you home.


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When doves cry, they shed

When doves cry, they shed tears

like purple rain! Then they

take a  fast ride on a red corvette

Watch the world go insane 


He was great and fun to watch 

Of course my favorite song 

is “When Doves Cry”



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i fixed the video and added a

i fixed the video and added a photo

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he was certainly gifted,i

he was certainly gifted,i wasn`t really a fan,it actually came from a comment i eas making then i had thissplurge of inspiration and here it is

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Cool Tribute

Wasn't a Prince fan for a long time. My daughter's Generation X's golden oldies - to be rediscovered by the Millennials. Prince. :D



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i was writing a comment on a

i was writing a comment on a prince poem,and this came out of it !

not a prince fan on his singing,but he did write a lot of songs for other artists

i love 70`s and 80`s music   and thank you for stopping by..

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Thinking About Prince

When music and lyrics and notes surround you, you are whole and like a poet, glad to see the finished product. Then to sell it. Excellence achieved. His lyrics were fun mostly. :D



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good morning,,thank you

good morning,,thank you