Just Walk Away

If you don`t love me anymore

then just walk away

eventhough my heart begs you to stay

You`ve torn my heart

you`ve torn my soul

but if the feelings aren`t there

then i must go

I will love you forever and a day

but true love will only keep me from

walking away,true love is what i need

please don`t make me plead

So if your love is not real

and your feelings the same

then i must walk away

and end this game...

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Death is the only thing for

Death is the only thing for certain, everything else is up to us. All the in-betweens of what we do or don't do leads to where we are at a very moment.

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i guess this would apply in real life,real time

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Hang in there wordman

People are getting worried about you

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Re: .

lol,thank you.it`s just a poem

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Not Worried About word_man

It is the name
that makes you stop
enjoy the pause
wonder what it means,
then you rethink
the whole thing
and move, like fog,
on, on.
Lady A