paradise`s loft

I cry out to god

with no avail

afraid to die

afraid of hell

placed here through

no fault of my own

a cake on the table

but told not to eat

for when i did

my life would be complete

angels and demons

pulling from both sides

i`m rolling in a ocean

caught up in the tide

no place to run

no place to hide

emotions building up inside

paradise a place of beauty

and a place of lust

brought forth from the man of dust


now twice deceived

after that demonic encounter

she has conceived

cain brought forth

from the pitts of hell

now on the earth

and here to dwell

so when you read

about isis

think of eve

in her crisis ...

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You & Joy

always make me smile :) & :) 



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make you smile,i am pleased

make you smile,i am pleased