locked up love

I look out at this unfamiliar place

Watching the guards move around

All I can think about is the face

The face that turned my life upside-down

Night comes and falls but I stay the same,

While thinking about the face all night and day.

Now I know most love poems are lame.

But I’m giving it a try, ok?

As I stay here longer and longer

I continue to stay in the corner of my mind

I also really start to ponder

What’s it like outside?

Now that I can’t look in your window to see your face

This is all an unfamiliar place

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Jail, Jeuvy, or The Big House?

Wherever you are, here is a place to look into windows. Every poet writes a love poem eventually, some great, some plain and simple. All are welcome, love being the requirement. Here on postpoems, you are never alone. Tell us the story of your days inside/outside - fyi, it's pretty weird out here, politically, but it looks good with mountains and rivers, graveyards, and Fall blossoms, and open sky at night with stars. - Be well, yours in writing, Lady A