among the things

you'll never know

is how these hills look

in the snow ...

the pure of white

at break of day

and how it fades

so quickly away ~

the first new buds

of the roses in spring

or the joy that

their new colors bring ...

butterflies dancing

around the blooms

and how the light

fills all these rooms ~

the intensity of the

summer sun

how nights and days

turn into one ...

storms that bring

a sudden breeze

with strong winds

playing in the trees ~

leaves that turn

to gold in fall

with reds and yellows

i miss them all ...

i love the fireplace

when it glows

and spreads its warmth

down to my toes ~

but more than these ...

among the things

you'll never know

is how it hurt

to let you go.

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Stan Holliday's picture

Always good to read a good "western classic" in a sea of free verse.This had very good rhyme, but just a few tiny stumbles in flow or rhythm.I hope you take no offense as this IS very good......scribbler