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It finally happened. My life has come to a stop. I sat by my window waiting for him to come home, for the news that might make me fall to my knees. I sat there, no sound and no lights, sitting in a dark house waiting for him. As I would see a car pass my house my heart would jump up in beat and I'd feel like I was having a panic attack. I think it was almost an hour of me sitting there before the car pulled in. I felt numb as I walked to the door and wait for the door to open. He opened the door and stood there as he saw me. 

"So you've been waiting I see." He'd say as he stood there wit ha slightly worried face. I nodded my head slightly keeping myself looking at him without fainting. It felt like forever since we have seen each other. I knew he brought bad news to me. 

"So...?" I said shaking slightly trying to keep myself up. He stood there looking at me. He gave me a little kiss on the lips and looked at me. I stared at him but gave him a big hug. I think I sat there hugging him and crying for half an hour before he decided to to go inside. After that day the whole incident seemed like nothing. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had this little story stuck in my head. So enjoy a little short story.

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A short story. Cool - allets -

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