I am not dead

I lay here in my cocoon

I sit here and wait for my moment to come out

I will disappear for weeks or months to come back brighter

I will come back showing my true colours once again

I'm just resting 

Just resting for my mind to resettle and decide 

Decide the time I will come back stronger

Till that time I shall wait

Wait here in this cocoon. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I've been gone awhile, I just need time to rest my head

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Rest My Head

I'm getting to that point fast. It is creeping up from both sides and I see it but ignore the onslaught. Cocooning sounds soothing, healing, metamorphing. Good to get your note from the sanctum of your self. :D - allets -


ps   S'been 35 weeks - hope all is well.


Lady A