R.U.F.F.L.E (alternate version)

Fun/Free time

Run around on the ground with my dog named Ruffle

Under the trees and shade from the trees

Filling my life with joy as he runs around me

Fulfilling my imagination of adventure 

Living my life with imagination as we wander the woods

Every day would be an adventure with him

Since the day we got Ruffles

The dog was so active

He would run around for miles on end

Even when the days were hot or cold

Don't think he loved to relax though

Over and over he'd nap on our couch

Giving the house a relaxing feel


Author's Notes/Comments: 

An alternate write for this poem I rewrote for my English class. enjoy :)

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House pets make the world better. Not hampsters though, they make the world fascinating. A great name: Ruffles. :D


Lady A